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Some students were spending tons of time together, to the point that you’d assume they were a couple, but even they weren’t submitting to calling it dating—they were just “hanging out.” Intentional dating, or anything symbolic of healthy, normal, young courtship, was nowhere to be found.

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Born on April 15, 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Seth Rogen started off his career during his teenage years performing stand-up comedy at parties and clubs.

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There are few more talented or beautiful actresses than Radha Mitchell working in film today - and yet, despite a handful of starring roles under her belt, she's still some way off household-name status.

Whether we are drinking it or not, alcohol remains a potent part of our lives. Maybe it’s the night she got smashed and so belligerent she spat in the bartender’s face.

Her music incorporates elements taken from contemporary pop music.