Firmware updating android

It will then continue the update and begin the last part "Update 1 of 1". Please wait while the last part of the firmware update completes "Update 1 of 1".

Once complete, you will get a notification letting you know that the lock update was successful. You can check the firmware version on the app under Lock Settings. Select your lock and navigate to Firmware Version, where you'll be able to view your firmware version.

So here’s a general explanation of how the Android update process works, and how Samsung works with telecom providers and Google.

Step 1: First, the Android update hits Korea When a new version of Android is launched, Google’s Nexus devices are the first to get updated.

Keeping the Android Operating System up-to-date ensures you with all the latest improvement and fixes for your Liberty Tab.

By default, the tablet will automatically detect available updates to install.

out, so they don't become available for everyone at once.

Firmware updates are released periodically to help improve connection speed, connection reliability, motor controls, and Everlock.

Firmware updates on your phone require permission, time, and a restart.

It's usually also a good idea to leave your phone in a charger during a firmware update so there's less of a chance that you accidentally run out of batteries mid-upgrade and potentially break your phone.

If it shows the newer number/name then it is just a glitch in suggesting you update.

However if it shows the old version is the still in use, then that would mean the update isn't working/sticking.

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