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This list is meant to be of use to folk who are new to the SCA, but may be useful for folk who have been around awhile as well.

There are a lot of terms used in the SCA that are sometimes confusing to people.

Lieutenant Commander Marcus Spencer, captain of the Great White experiences a number of twists and turns in his career as well, mainly involving the OSS and their covert activities in the Northern Mariana Islands. (Photo: Courtesy of the Salesianum School) "Leadership takes practice, discipline and sacrifice," Szymanski told a crowd at the Wilmington Country Club in the 2011 remarks. When members of the Underwater Demolition Teams and SEAL Teams gather, John's name is mentioned with high regard. In his On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 Mark Lookabaugh mailto: mark_lookabaugh [at] wrote: Hi Doc, Hope you are well. That is an open site with anybody free to see it (although I originally prepared it for my family) so you have my OK. He was a big, tall guy, maybe 6'5"--pants legs always above his field shoe tops. He really slams the Battalion commander for needlessly getting Marines killed.

He damaged his brain because of the severe bleeding and in several hours he passed away. We have had several guys in the Teams Distinguish with the Rifle and Pistol and a couple Double Distinguish.. John volunteered for duty with the Underwater Demolition Teams and underwent the training during 1967-1968.This was done with a great hue and cry so that any fighter who was willing could give pursuit.They would then fight what was effectively a challenge match to free the abductee(s).She almost gets more than she bargained for when she tangles with a Japanese battleship with five escorts. During 1968-1969 he was the Officer-in-Charge of a swimmer reconnaissance group that conducted clandestine reconnaissance missions in enemy territory. During this time he earned the respect of men and of commanding officers of the commands he interacted with. He wrote a book, his memoirs, "Taking On The Burden Of History", which does an excellent job of describing the fighting in 1952 for the Marines.Will she survive her assault and live to fight again? Szymanski, who graduated from the Salesianum School in 1980. He retained the loyalty and friendship of the men he led throughout his life. and half of Canada making his living as a folksinger and doing odd jobs while living in his truck Old Blue. My memory of events differs from his in some instances but, all in all, an interesting account.

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