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While she doesn’t want to give away much, she does reaffirm that the adaptation is pretty faithful to the beloved comic written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by George Perez, but does hint that a few surprises may be in store.

Furthermore, Starfire and Nightwing vying for team leadership is teased, which should be doubly intriguing given that they share a romantic history.

With his help, Metron had pierced the Wall and his sacrifice effected a small rupture which bled a steady stream of energy.Both superhero teams are alerted to the dangers by the Titans' Starfire, who has knowledge of Dark Phoenix's immense destructive power.Despite their best efforts, each team is defeated and captured by Deathstroke the Terminator and Darkseid's shock troops. Both super teams work together, freeing themselves and defeating their enemies in a climatic battle.As someone who never really watched Teen Titans GO, I wasn't expecting to be something that would float my boat, but holy moly was I wrong.We loved it in our review, and I became pretty obsessed with it once it came out, and even after beating the entire game I still come back to it just to battle and level up my crew because it's so darn fun.

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